Sans Pedals

Sans Pedals

Victoria's Strider bike and Bern helmet retailer

What is the difference between the Classic bike and Sport bike?
The classic bike is the original Strider design.  The handgrips on the Classic are slightly larger than the sport and it does not have the handlebar pad.  The Classic does not have quick release clamps on the seat and handlebars, whereas the Sport bike does.   The Sport models come with an extra long seatpost in addition to the original seat and post. This longer seat will be needed when the rider is about 3 or 3 1/2 years old. 
Do the bikes have a warranty?
Yes. Strider bikes are so well made that they have changed their one year warranty to a two year warranty.  It covers any manufacturer defects for two years from your date of purchase.  If there are any problems, you can contact us and we will take care of it or you can contact the head office directly. 

Where is your store?

We are a home-based business in the Gordon Head area.  Please contact us and we will give you the address to come check out our bikes and helmets.  We have a sample bike assembled if your little one would like to try one out and our kids are usually happy to give a demo on their bikes!

What forms of payment do you accept?

You can pay by cash, or credit card when you pick up your items or you can pay through our web store and we will contact you to arrange a time to come pick up your purchase or arrange shipping.  All prices include the tax, so the price listed is the price you pay.

Do you have bikes and helmets in stock or do I need to order and wait for shipping?
We always have bikes and kid's helmets on hand.  We try to have every colour of bikes available, but do run out from time to time.  If we are out of the colour that you want, it should only be a week or so before it is available again.  For the helmets, colours and styles are updated regularly, and we will usually have a selection of a few colours/patterns to choose from in each size.
Does Bern make a helmet small enough for a one year old?
The XS-S helmet fits kids with a head circumference of 48 - 51.5 cm.  This will usually fit a 14 - 15 month old and would likely fit until they are 3 or 4 years old. 

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