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Sans Pedals

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Strider Sport


Available in red, orange, yellow, green, blue, black, pink and new for 2021 matte grey (see pic below!).  Please contact us for current availability.  If we're out of a colour, we can easily order it.


• Custom STRIDER Mini-Grip Handlebar and Mini-Handgrips. 43% Smaller diameter than standard grips to better fit a toddler’s small hands.

• Custom STRIDER Handlebar Pad. Adds extra protection and cool motocross styling.

• Custom STRIDER Mini-Saddle on 220mm Seatpost. Smaller, narrower and lighter than a typical saddle to better fit a toddler’s tiny hip spacing.

• Custom STRIDER extra-long seatpost with padded seat. Adds some extra height as your child grows.

• Custom STRIDER Quick-Clamps on Seat AND Handlebar. Easy, no-tool assembly and adjustment makes life easy for parents and insures proper fit for a growing child.

• Patented STRIDER LAUNCHPAD Footrests. Uniquely integrated into frame and positioned to allow development of advanced riding skills.



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